There’s a Coffee Rebellion Afoot!

When we were approached by The Coffee Rebel’s to be a part of their subscription service, we were honored! They only offer specialty coffee roasters, with the desire to give subscribers a wide array of new coffee experiences from the “comfort of home”. #armchairbarista Caffeine Rebel’s coffee subscriptions explore a different specially coffee roaster each Continue Reading »

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Back to School Special: Nappy Hour!

FINALLY. The kids are back to school. Well, most of them. As stay-at-home-mom’s and -dad’s know, (#sahm and #sahd henceforth), not all the kids are school aged yet. So, we want to recognize that definitive, annual, watershed moment when you send most of your kids back to school, or do homeschooling, and now have a Continue Reading »

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Northside Update: Flooring!

Things are moving in the Northside! It’s been a slow and painful start, to be sure. We’ve been working the city’s permitting office to get things up to spec, and the ride has had unplanned and significant bumps. Nonetheless, we’re doing what we can, when we can. Because coffee. And People. So we bring you: Continue Reading »

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#VegFest 2015!

Well Pittsburgh, who’da thought that this steel town would’ve celebrated a meatless lifestyle? Our eastern European roots are steeped in tasty dishes, creatively using a variety of pork, beef and chicken to satisfy the palettes of the Steel City denizens. However, there are a growing number of people who eat all “green” are growing! And, they Continue Reading »


Put the lime in the coconut…

Recently at Voluto, Morgan was feeling the creative juices flowing and thinking about something to drink with coffee. Like, in coffee. Perhaps inspired by one of the [thankfully] few 90 degree days we’ve had, she went with citrus. Coconut milk, offered by a vendor passing out their samples, was readily available. Add a shot and Continue Reading »