Happy holidays! Our Holiday Brew Kits are ready to bring warmth and happiness to all. We’ve got a new page set up under the “Shop” tab in the menu that gives you the details of each gift set for your tea and coffee loving family friends. Click here for the goods!

Beginners Set: hand ground coffee! What else to say? $65

Beginners Set: hand ground coffee! What else to say? $65

Photo Nov 11, 9 24 03 AM

Last week, as summer fought off it’s slow demise into winter, Christian Shaknaitis practiced his rare art of hand lettering on a sunny November day. We enjoy the vintage look in our spaces and materials, and his work seemed to be the perfect fit for a new paint job on Voluto’s spacious glass storefront. And so it was! He’s been awesome to work with, and we highly recommend him if you’re considering new signage.

Here’s a progression of his work at Voluto. You can follow him out on Facebook and Instagram to see his current work. Thanks Christian!.

Megan Drew

I am very sad to have to announce that Megan Drew is taking another job. Megan has been such a huge benefit to the Commonplace. Andre Chubb brought her into the family talking about her pies, other baked goods, her ability to make stellar drinks but also who she is. We have benefitted so much Continue Reading »