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Pittsburghs’ Specialty Coffee, Gettin’ Press!

Industries often have a go-to publication that tends to drive conversation; or several, if the industry is large enough to sustain polyvocality. For instance, Car and Driver has been a long-time automobile magazine for car aficionados, as well as Road and Track. Coffee is similar. Social media has shaped that for coffee -as it has for Continue Reading »

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Guys! Guys! It’s a story about us!

Indeed, we choose this barista thing. We love the coffee. The art. The science. The first-sip joy it brings you. How it brings people to the table to connect. How we can work directly with farmers. ALL OF IT. Wanna go see it with us?

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Is Pittsburgh Coffee Sourcing Sustainable?

This question is important to us. And we’ve heard from some of y’all that you find it important as well. In the world of warehouse-retail stores and big corp. coffee shops on every corner, how do we take care of each other in a shrinking global economy? Where does more morning habit start in the Continue Reading »

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Commonplace Gets an Early Dismissal.

Whenever people gather in groups to perform a task, they rub elbows. Trade ideas. Carry the burden. Celebrate success. Recognize brilliance. Laugh at the humor of it. Sometimes, we gather outside of the task to remember why we started doing it. We marvel at the growth, honor the struggles, mourn the losses, celebrate what we’ve learned, Continue Reading »

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Isn’t National Coffee Day. . . every day?

You may have seen that September 29th has been wrought into our calendar as National Coffee Day. (We’re not sure who decides these things, but… we’re game.) There are precious few days for us that aren’t coffee day, and we’re confident you would say the same for yourself. To that end, we’d like to recognize Continue Reading »